honey trap

here’s what’s happening on my wild wild Monday:

  • puttin some rubylith thru the vinyl cutter then peeling it
  • exposing a photopolymer plate
  • washing out/exposing something new on my screen
  • screen printing the new thing
  • letterpress printing the polymer plate (one is a broadside, the other a cover)
  • buying ink for my @ home printer
  • printing out a book / folding / bindingĀ 
  • lol


hard at work on my publication rn lol

i made the mistake of trying to print an edition of 40 ten page (five sheets) small books with an at home printer let me tell u those little guys do not have that much inkĀ 

Anonymous asks: Is treating your art like a joke part of your art?

i’ve been doing some thinking and i feel like ‘rainbow connection’ as sung by kermit the frog may be my favorite performance of all time

hard at work on my publication rn lol

i’ve been watching these str8 people make out for like 20 minutes at the bus stop and i’m just like.. wow.. i really hate these people lol

i haven’t written anything in like a month probably lol